Quinoa Veggie Bowl

I came up with this recipe one summer evening, when I couldn't really be bothered to cook but still wanted something yummy and healthy for dinner. I raided my fridge and came up with this delicious and easy dinner that is my Quinoa Veggie Bowl. The ingredients are very basic, but put together they make … Continue reading Quinoa Veggie Bowl


Vegan corn fritters

During my first week of being vegan my boyfriend was craving corn fritters. So I took it upon myself to make a delicious egg and dairy free dinner of corn fritters. Since making them that one time I've realised how easy it is to whack all the basic ingredients in a bowl, dice up any … Continue reading Vegan corn fritters

Lentil Salad

So I had this for dinner and in classic food blogger style I tweeted a picture of it. Straight away I got a lot of interest in my lentil salad so I've decided to give you my recipe. It's really simple, filling, tasty and its really healthy! Ingredients (serves 2-3) 1/2 cup uncooked brown lentils … Continue reading Lentil Salad